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Nature is at the forefront of the rustic style. A true rustic design makes the transition from the outdoors to your home seamless and provides some of the beauty of nature in your own space. Rustic interior design makes an extensive look that highlights nature: simple, well-worn, handcrafted, distressed objects, built of natural materials or done in a natural style. Rustic interiors invoke a connection to a simpler, older time period that’s hard not to be taken in by. Repurposing is a big element of this style which showcases ingenuity and bold, unapologetic design. The more natural these materials and furniture appear, the more coherent and captivating the whole of your home will become.

Furniture: Rustic furniture design usually consists of wood, domestic wood, and stone. However, other materials such as bamboo, rattan, sisal, nubby cotton, wool, paper, glass, clay and many types of metal can also be incorporated to capture the look. In addition to these, heirlooms, flea market finds, DIY projects, folk art, collections, found items and out-of-date pieces coexist well in the rustic style, providing complementary textures, designs and colours. Metal-worked furniture is extra great choice to use with this style of design. Rusted metal style furnishings help to create an old-time atmosphere to your home. It is important for the overall authenticity of the style that furniture is kept as close to its natural state as possible.

Structural: Wooden floors, beams and fireplaces are just some of the design elements that our interior designers can provide for your home. Whether you’re in a house in Chelsea or a penthouse in Mayfair, Design 121 can provide you with a rustic interior design giving you a taste of the natural world beyond the concrete jungle of London. If you don’t have these basics in your home already, they can be added to your space as part of the renovation to achieve this classic look. Panelled walls are another common feature of this style and create a cosy space for you to relax and enjoy your beautiful home. White walls and neutral colours create the ultimate blank canvass for you to make your space your own and add your personal touches. This makes the seamless integration of all the natural furnishings and structures even easier and allows for a great deal of natural light to illuminate your home.

Design 121 and its first class team of interior designers can provide you with an authentic rustic style renovation right in the centre of London where you can have a little bit of the wilderness in the City. Our team will be also able to blend the modern day comforts we enjoy today without loosing the natural style that makes rustic interior design so captivating and timeless


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