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English Heritage interior design is rustic, calm and comfortable. The designs and styles are typically unconventional with a combination of classic furniture and new collections. You can create a relaxed and historic look with well stuffs and antiques. A balanced mixture of feminine inflections and complimenting colours additional improve the English heritage theme in your home. This typical style is all about designs that movement with less dissimilarity. Whether you are looking for a traditional theme or one with a modern rotation, make simple changes that coincide with an English country home.

Fabrics are lively with chintz floral being particularly prominent, controlled with strips, ginghams and plaids and emphasised with tassels, fringe and fit.

Walls are usually wallpapered or stencilled with toile patterns.

Furnishings and scheme include china arranged on the wall, framed botanicals, landscape paintings, and floral embroidered pillows, and crystal candleholders, vases of fresh flowers, embroidered rugs, dark-stained chests and pine bookcases.

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